The European Tax Policy Forum (ETPF) was set up in 2005 to commission independent academic research into the impact of tax
policy on business in Europe.


ETPF believes that tax policy is sometimes made in a vacuum, without independent evidence of the impact of the policy options on
business. So, our objectives are to commission independent academic research which will be published, and made available to all, to
educate and inform the public understanding, and to provide European governments and others making decisions on tax policy with
independent data and research on the effects of tax policy.

ETPF is not a consultative or lobbying group. Its role is to fund independent research and not to advocate particular positions.

ETPF's objectives in many ways mirror those of the
International Tax Policy Forum which has for many years sponsored a successful
research programme in the US.

Research Programme

Since inception, ETPF has commissioned annual phases of research projects from well-known economists connected to prestigious
universities across Europe. The Research Director coordinating the programme is
Michael Devereux of Oxford University. ETPF
intends to hold a public conference from time to time, at which all will be welcome to discuss the research phases and particular
papers.  Public conferences were held in London every year between 2006 and 2010, with the venue shifting to Brussels from 2011
onwards, and then back to London from 2014.

Legal Status

ETPF is incorporated as a UK company limited by guarantee, and has charitable status under UK law, operating on a non-profit
making basis.


Sponsorship of ETPF is welcome from large European-based companies, or companies with substantial European operations, who
have an interest in supporting economic research on tax. Sponsors pay an annual subscription fee to fund the research and meet the
running costs of ETPF. Sponsors are also invited to get together once a year to discuss the research programme and relevant

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