ETPF Public Conference 2012, in partnership with the Centre for European Policy Studies

Brussels, April 2012

With steps towards an ever-closer union and emerging proposals to address budgetary concerns, tax policy is perhaps more than ever
at the forefront of policy debate in the EU. The impact of fiscal policies on economic growth and stability, proposed reforms for
improving the design of taxation and the cross-border implications of domestic tax systems are among the many questions that
receive increased attention. At the same time, making informed policy decisions has become increasingly difficult for a number of
reasons, not least the limited availability of reliable information and political pressures.

For over six years, the European Tax Policy Forum (ETPF) has commissioned independent academic research to inform the public and
provide policy-makers with independent research on the effects of tax policy on businesses. The results of the research have been
presented at annual conferences, attracting the participation of industry experts, officials, and academics with an interest in EU tax

Emrah Arbak, Researcher, CEPS
John Vella, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University
Steve Bond, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University
Jing Xing, Research Fellow, Oxford University
Alfons Weichenrieder, Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt
Shafik Hebous, Chair of Public Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt
Giorgia Maffini, Research Fellow, Oxford University
Simon Loretz, Professor, Oxford University
Katarzyna Bilicka, Research Fellow, Oxford University

Corporate taxation and capital accumulation
Intro   Stephen Bond & Jing Xing
Discussion   Serena Fatica

Personal taxes, labour regulation, and the location decisions of multinationals
Intro   Shafik Hebous & Alfons Weichenrieder
Discussion   Thomas Hemmelgarn

Taxes and the co-location of intangibles and tangibles
Intro   Simon Loretz
Discussion   Shafik Hebous

Territoriality, worldwide principle and competitiveness of multinationals: A Firm-level Analysis of Tax Burdens
Intro   Giorgia Maffini
Discussion   Marcel Gérard

The EU Commission’s proposal for a Financial Transaction Tax
John Vella

Issues in the design of taxes on corporate profit
Michael Devereux

Future of taxation in EU: Opportunities for change
Emrah Arbak

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