ETPF Public Conference 2013, in partnership with the Centre for European Policy Studies

Financial Sector Taxation
Brussels, May 2013

The financial and economic crises have brought taxation to the forefront of the policy debate in the EU. Levying a targeted tax on the
financial sector is one of the most frequently discussed measures to reduce governments’ budgetary pressures. Among policy-
makers in the EU, there is a broad consensus that financial institutions should contribute to the cost of fixing the crisis, but member
states have not managed to reach a common agreement. In anticipation, some EU member states have already introduced a
domestic financial sector tax. Now a smaller group of countries is also moving forward under the enhanced cooperation procedure.

Speakers & Discussants
Onno Ruding, CEPS Chairman
Will Morris, GE / Chair ETPF
Heinz Zourek, European Commission
Dorothea Schäfer, DIW Research
Geoff Pennells, Citi / ETPF Trustee
Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen
Alexander Klemm, European Central Bank
Johannes Voget, University of Mannheim
Peter Egger, ETH Zürich
Giorgia Maffini, University of Oxford
Rita de la Feria, Durham University
Oliver Denk, OECD
Salvador Barrios, European Commission
Nadja Dwenger, Max Planck Institute Munich
Jost H. Heckmeyer, University of Mannheim
Gaëtan Nicodème, European Commission

Presentations   Financial Transaction Taxation in the EU
Pros and cons of FTT
Dorothea Schäfer

The EU single market and taxation
Geoff Pennells

Impact of bank levies on the leverage and risk of banks
Niels Johannesen

Presentations   Taxation in a globalizing world
Tax and investment in developing and emerging economies
Alexander Klemm
Discussion   Oliver Denk

Effects of territorial and worldwide corporation tax systems on outbound M&As
Johannes Voget
Discussion   Salvador Barrios

Data for research in European business taxation
Giorgia Maffini
Discussion   Nadja Dwenger

Implementing a destination-based corporation tax
Rita de la Feria
Discussion   Gaëtan Nicodème

Effects of personal income taxes on location of headquarters
Peter Egger
Discussion   Jost H. Heckemeyer

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