ETPF Public Conference 2017, in partnership with the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Evolution or Revolution? The future of taxing multinationals
19 June 2017
RICS, 12 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AD

Tim Power (UK Treasury) joined us to discuss topical issues including US Tax Reform, potential developments internationally
regarding the taxation of the digitalising economy, and the future relationship between the UK and EU's tax policy agendas.

We had presentations from all three teams presenting research under
ETPF Research Phase 12:

  • Firstly, Jost Heckemeyer presented a paper (co-authored with Christoph Spengel, and Katharina Nicolay from the University of
    Mannheim) on what the OECD BEPS Indicators may tell us when they are analysed following implementation of the BEPS
    recommendations; Helen Miller of the IFS discussed their findings.
  • Katarzyna Habu of Oxford University then presented her findings regarding how multinationals' tax contributions in the UK
    compare to those of domestic companies with similar profiles. Tom Pope of the IFS discussed the findings.
  • Finally, Maya Forstater of the Centre for Global Devlopment and Rasmus C Christensen of Copenhagen Business School
    presented their findings on a project titled "New Players, New Game". The project sought to identify how and why the taxation of
    MNCs captured the attention of politicians, the media, and the public, who the key influencers in the debate have been, and how
    this has changed over time. The findings are instructive for corporates and other stakeholders who wish to monitor and
    influence the debate as it continues in the coming years. Martin Hearson from the London School of Economics discussed the
    findings further.

Additionally, two further topical Policy Papers were presented. Michael Devereux presented the findings of
an examination of the
literature on Destination-Based Cash flow Taxation, and Martin Simmler presented a survey of the empirical evidence regarding the
impact of worldwide vs territorial taxation on the location of assets and investment.

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