The European Tax Policy Forum (ETPF) was set up in 2005 to commission independent academic research into the impact of tax
policy on business in Europe.

ETPF believes that tax policy is sometimes made in a vacuum without independent evidence of the impact of the policy options on
business. Its objectives are to commission independent academic research which will be published and made available to all to
educate and inform the public understanding and to provide European governments and others making decisions on tax policy with
independent data and research on the effects of tax policy.


Policy papers & Uncertainty Survey

Phase 1 The effect of international taxation on business

Phase 2 The welfare implications of international taxation and tax competition

Phase 3 International tax and economic welfare

Phase 4 The impact and design of business taxation in a globalised world

Phase 5 Tax policy in an uncertain world

Phase 6 Taxes and behaviour: banks, environments & incentives

Phase 7 Business taxation

Phase 8 Financial sector taxation

Phase 9 International taxation: base erosion, profit shifting and distortions to real activity

Phase 10 Britain, Europe and Tax Competition

Phase 11 BEPS and Beyond

Phase 12  The future of taxing multinationals

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